Ben and Louise Healey

Ben and Louise Healey

Engineer and Stay at home mum

Ben and Louise Healy

How did you get into yoga?

We did the beginner’s course with Sharron at the end of 2020.


How did you find Yoga Flourish?

We noticed the studio as we drove by a few times, looked it up online and found the beginner’s course and have never looked back 🙂


What were your first impressions of Yoga Flourish when you came by?

Very calming and welcoming especially for two complete newbies.


Could you please share your experience of what effect Yoga has had on your life, health of body and mind. How has Yoga made you feel?

Physically yoga has made us stronger and more flexible and it’s also helped us to find our calm centre which is very much needed as the parents of two small children! We look forward to our time on the mat each week as it gives us time to slow down and make time for ourselves which is so rare these days. When I (Louise) was making my slow recovery from knee surgery this year I really missed the classes and craved the sense of calm they cultivate in me, I’m so glad to be back regularly attending the studio.


Anything further you would like to share about an individual teacher or anything you think new student would like to know as they too can be quite nervous as they start heir journeys?

Yoga Flourish is a place for everyone no matter their level of experience or ability. When we started with the beginners course we knew nothing but Sharron was so encouraging and gave us so many options that we felt comfortable giving things a go and learnt the value of using props to support our practice.

All the teachers we’ve come across at YF, past and present, have also been approachable and helpful and it is testament to Sharron that she finds teachers that really embrace the culture of the studio. We love how Sharron changes things up adding in props like myofacial balls or doing moon salutations. We also both love Grace’s classes – Ben looks forward to his early morning Ashtanga and Louise enjoys the Slow Flow Sundays.

Yoga Flourish embraces more than the physical asanas, it is a place for true mind body and social connection and we encourage anyone to give it all a go – different classes, workshops and the fabulous retreat.

We feel Sharron has really created and grown something special at Yoga Flourish as it’s a really supportive and inclusive community.