Past Events – Workshops with Amanda Koh


Two Workshops :
Meaningful Mindfulness and Tension Release

We are again proud to host and welcome the wonderful Amanda Koh to Perth this time to assist as a guest teacher for our opening week at the new Yoga Flourish Studio:
Unit 5/2 Warton Road
Huntingdale WA 6110

$20 for each 2.5 hour workshop or Yoga Flourish existing students on block passes can use two of their passes per session.
Just send Yoga Flourish a message if this is you as your block pass is not linked to Punchpass yet.

Saturday 29th June 9.15-11.45am

Session 1: Meaningful Mindfulness
Focus: lower body (hips and lower back, legs & feet)

A simple and gentle Yoga practice infusing Myofascial Release to liberate and release the body from tension, followed by a deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra with essential oils. Come back to basics and indulge in the beauty and benefits of a simple Hatha practice. This enabling practice is suitable for practitioners of all levels seeking reprieve and release from the demands of a hectic daily life. At the end of the session, you will emerge recharged and ready for all that life throws your way.

✨ Sunday 30th June 11am – 1.30pm

Session 2: Tension Release
Focus: upper body (neck, shoulders, chest, head)

Myofascial release for immediate and significant tension release in the neck, shoulders, upper back, followed by deep relaxation. You will learn easy techniques which you can do on your own or with the assistance of a partner for tension relief. Tension in the neck and shoulders can affect our moods and even our ability to find rest and sleep. You will feel so much better at the end of the session and most importantly, know how to manage neck and shoulder tension should it return.

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