Hire Our Space

Yoga Flourish is offering our beautiful premises to hire out to individuals, businesses and/or brands..

We have two options available:

1 – Studio Hire

Yoga Flourish is happy to hire the studio space to you if your event, workshop or activity is a good match with our values and present no risk to our good name, our venue and our relationship with neighbouring businesses and landlord.
eg. Zumba class, workshop, fitness activity, committee meeting, etc.

With the Studio Hire option, you are simply hiring the space for your own purpose. You also have the option to hire equipment we have available, e.g projector, trestle tables, urn etc. All administrative duties will lie with you.


2 – Event Partnership

If you would like to join forces with Yoga Flourish, under an event partnership with Yoga Flourish it means that Yoga Flourish will present the event as our own, with you as a co-host, while also promoting your brand. This means that the event will be listed on the Yoga Flourish website, Yoga Flourish will receive bookings and payments for the event, as well as promoting the event through all of the avenues we regularly use for our studio promotions. 

With the Event Partnership you get peace of mind, as we take care all administrative duties. (i.e customer enquiries, manual payments, advertising etc)

Please get in touch with us through the contact form below, or give us a call on 0458 593 331.