Jacki Gahan

Jacki Gahan

Logistics Transporter of Energy

Jacki Gahan

How did you get into yoga?

Friend invited me to free group session at Rockingham foreshore, which ended in fits of laughter due to the unexpected expelling of compressed air dislodging from our bodies.


How did you find Yoga Flourish?

Via Sharron as we are a group of School Mums that continue to remain connected even though the kids are so grown up. I first began my Yogi journey at the home of Yoga Flourish inception, in the back patio. The connectiveness and serenity has followed to which ever venue space Yoga Flourish occupies.


What were your first impressions of Yoga Flourish when you came by?

The calmness and beautiful vibrations that came from the moment you opened the door, the yogi family embraced you.


Could you please share your experience of what effect Yoga has had on your life, health of body and mind. How has Yoga made you feel?

My Yogi journey was gaining insight to my breath, extending my mind and body with gentle guidance. Then my life became a shattered soul that had no means of piecing together again. However the Yoga Flourish family literally took my hand and heart, gathered my millions of pieces and moulded them into me today. Each yoga lesson my stretched body reassured the catastrophic mind that the breath will bring you to the most amazing asanas of all. Guidance to the catch phrase slow down “Stop the Monkey Mind” Then the skill of nailing Vinyasana The connections to sisterhood from Moon Circles, introduction to the amazing essential oils, that became a signature fragrance for self love and wellbeing. I am now a Warrior, Soul Sister, giver of Hugs and Starry energy to all.


Anything further you would like to share about an individual teacher or anything you think new student would like to know as they too can be quite nervous as they start heir journeys?

Each amazing caring teacher, brings and gives to your space. Trust in them as they can take you on a journey that is so replenishing to mind and body Oh yes we all still fart doing yoga.