In2 Yoga Michigan


Lisa Madden

A student of yoga for over 20 years, Lisa is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and founded IN2 Yoga in Lapeer, MI in 2016. This blend of experience has cultivated her commitment to advocate for the integration of mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning; attention to educators’ well-being and resilience; and the fostering of healthy, supportive relationships within classrooms, schools, and systems. Lisa completed her 300-hour yoga certification through the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy, and is currently studying for her Yoga Therapy Level III Certification. She has also studied Yin Yoga under Joe Barnett, and Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky.


Yvonne Clark


As a student of Yoga, Yvonne noticed amazing changes to her personal inner chemistry and life; reduced reaction to stress, better focus, physical strength and flexibility, heightened acuity as just a few benefits. Yvonne trained to be a teacher in order to deepen her understanding of Yoga and its science and philosophy. She received her certification in 2006 and began teaching many different classes including intro to yoga, basic, slow flow, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin and yang, as well as meditation and sound healing, where she focuses on building the strong foundations pertinent to a healthy life practice. Yvonne says, “I work to not only teach Yoga poses, but to create a class which allows students to tap in to their own innate wisdom, strength and inner healing potential. Through uniting breath and movement in Yoga, we can clear ourselves of toxins, and begin to FEEL our natural rhythm. Living that light is the ultimate goal.”