Myo Yin

MyoYin & Meridians with Colette Corr
In traditional Chinese medicine, meridian paths through which life-energy known as "qi" flows. They are closely related to the Western notion of anatomy trains, lines of fascia that organise and hold the body together in tensegrity - a balance of tension and integrity. When you stimulate one point on the meridian or anatomy train, any of the rest of the chain can be affected. For example, rolling the foot on a soft spiky ball may alleviate headaches as both parts of the body are connected by the Urinary Bladder Meridian which correlates with the superficial back line of fascia.
What Will I Learn?
We will progress through the 12 major meridians in a calming, centring and connecting MyoYin practice.
What is the Cost?
Tickets are $60 for full course or pass or membership can be used.
Course Dates?
Saturday, 3 July 2021 .  03:30  – 04:30 PM

Studio Information

0458 593 331

1/1 Binley Place Maddington 6109