Namaste at home (virtual classes)

Namaste at home!
Join us for a virtual class, live-streamed from the Yoga Flourish Studio!

Your regular passes and memberships can be used to attend these virtual classes.
How it works:
1. You book in for your chosen “Virtual Class” (through the MindBody app or our website).
2. As per usual you receive a confirmation of your booking (via email or text).
3. 60-30 minutes prior to the class commencing you will be emailed the Zoom meeting invitation from FitGrid.
(This may come through to your spam or junk folder)

You will be required to download the Zoom app either on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Zoom Download

If you don’t have your own props at home hear are some ideas:

Mat – towel or floor is fine (very traditional)
Bolster – cushion/pillow
Blanket – (I’m sure we have one of these)
Blocks – bag of sugar or a stack of books
Strap – scarf or a belt