Just finished your introductory offer and want to continue your yoga and pilates journey?
Maybe you are a regular at Yoga Flourish and you just need a new pass!

Below are our pass package options, you can purchase these over and over again!

Great for those who can only commit to a certain amount of time, or prefer the flexibility of a pass over a membership.

Before making your choice, feel free to get in touch with the Yoga Flourish team we can help you get the right pass for you!


14 days

1 x class


14 days

3 x classes

$19 per class
(save $12)


14 days

4 x classes

$17.25 per class
(save $23.00)


14 days

UNLIMITED x classes

$12.14 per class
(save $75.00)
Based off attending 7 classes 



3 months

10 x classes

$16.90 per class
(save $61.00)