Sun Salutations A


If you find very little time to spare for a daily workout regime but want to stay fit, there is nothing better than Sun Salutations.
Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun) is a set of powerful yoga asanas.
If you learn this sequence, it will really help you with your home practice, since one of the biggest obstacles to doing yoga on your own is figuring out what to do when you first get on your mat. Sun salutations are often a great choice.
We now have Sun Salutations A and B available in digital download form. Download one or the other or both. Print out, frame or laminate and use it as a reference for your home practice.


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These posters come in two sizes A3 and A4 and can be saved in digital format or printed to hang on your wall to help you with daily practice.

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