Refer a friend!

 We at Yoga Flourish love that our community is ever-growing!

Majority of our students have found us through word of mouth and as a small business we
definitely believe it is the most valuable form of advertising. We have come up with a referral program to
reward our current students as well as to give their friends and family a great offer to get them started!


Send your friends and family an invitation
to receive one of our “Ignite” intro offers!



What your friends and family get:
3 classes to use over 10 days for only $20.00
(usually sold at $35.00)⁠

What you get rewarded:
$5.00 credit (for each redeemed referral)
to use on your next pass or store item.


1. Follow the link and enter your email so we can track your referrals – CLICK HERE TO START REFERRING
2. Either enter up to 25 emails or send your friends your custom “Share Link”
3. Your mates will then be able to purchase a heavily discounted intro pass (only eligible to those who have been referred)
4. Once they have purchased their pass they are able to start booking in classes. Link up and join them at the studio!
5. For your first redeemed referral you will automatically receive $5 on your MB profile to use towards any pass or store item.
6. Then after each 3 redeemed referrals you will receive $15 on your MB profile to use towards any pass or store item.
7. You are able to refer as many friends and family members as you wish, so our community will continue to grow!