Siobhan Foley

Siobhan Foley

Administrator / Mother

YF July

How did you get into yoga?

As a wayward party girl in Sydney in the 90s, I lived next door to a church that had been converted into an Iyengar studio.

As I was getting home at 6am, I’d pass the yoga teachers, always looking serious and wholesome. Whilst we all initially distrusted each other, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

They taught me structural alignment and discipline and if I was tired, they would put wooden rods in my pants to make me stand straight! It was a serious, almost monastic space, the total opposite of Yoga Flourish!


How did you find Yoga Flourish?

Saw a sign on the street for yoga and followed it to the Don Russell centre (old studio).


What were your first impressions of Yoga Flourish when you came by?

I have travelled and lived all over the place and for a long time I dipped in and out of yoga. A lot of classes were in gyms, but it was too loud, too bright and there was nothing personal in the spaces, which is what I craved.

When I first went to a yoga flourish class the vibe was amazing. Classes blended the mental and physical I was craving. It reminded me of the colours, smells and warmth of ashrams I’d visited (without the free dhal, but you can’t have it all!)


Could you please share your experience of what effect Yoga has had on your life, health of body and mind. How has Yoga made you feel?

I’ve been a single parent for almost all of my kids lives and yoga is the space that lets me clear my head, stretch out the stress and come home with clarity and energy.

I have just started Monday meditation and yoga nidra has been an incredible discovery. It’s the perfect way to zen, especially if you are prone to anxiety, it will just turn the raging mind to mute!


Anything further you would like to share about an individual teacher or anything you think new student would like to know as they too can be quite nervous as they start heir journeys?

Yoga Flourish is the perfect entry into yoga because of the diversity of the classes and teachers. There’s no pressure to do anything but turn up and I promise they don’t put any rods in your pants or smack your feet if you accidentally fall into a deep snore vasana!