Somatics Course

Somatic Course with Vicki Franks . 90 Minutes . 6 Week Course
Our life experiences lead to physical patterns in the body.The cumulative effects of habitual patterning in response to our physical environment and busy social and work schedules mean that many of us have experienced issues such as; A sore neck, tight shoulders, stooped posture, lower back pain, sciatica or other aches and pains that we attribute to aging and can’t seem to find long term relief for. Through the techniques used in Somatic Movements, we will learn how to retrain the brain to eliminate muscle tension and the body’s adapted patterns of operating.
Somatics is suitable for all ages and body types. The movements are slow and gentle. The only requirement being that you can lie comfortably on the floor.
Soma: Definition – The living body experienced from within. A soma is self aware, self sensing, self regulating and self responsible.
The practice of Somatics is about engaging the soma in a sensory motor learning process to increase/expand our interoception (internal sense of self) and proprioception (sensing our self in space).
What Will I Learn?

Week 1: Red Light Patterning (Front shortening / Back lengthening)In this session we will practice movements that address involuntary tightening of the flexor muscles located in the front of the body. This is a withdrawal response and may be exhibited as slumped shoulders, sunken chest and stooped posture. A typical pattern for those seated or on devices for long periods of time.

Week 2: Green Light Patterning (Back shortening / Front lengthening)Those who display Green light patterning are usually triggered by adult responsibilities, coffee, alarm clocks and deadlines! Physically this shows up as involuntary tightening of the extensor muscles located in the back chain. This contraction causes issues such as swayback, lower back issues, chronic pain and fatigue.
Week 3: Trauma (Side shortening / lengthening)For those of us who have experienced some sort of injury, there is a tendency to hold ourselves in ways so as to avoid further pain. As one side of the body shortens, the other side automatically lengthens. Side shortening and lengthening brings awareness to the waist muscles and makes it easier to move from the centre.
Week 4: Rotational PatterningThis is a mixture of weeks 1, 2 and 3. For the spine to rotate the waist muscles need to be involved, as do the abdominals, the para spinals and the muscles in the back. It is the combination of them working together that produces a rotational movement.
Week 5: WalkingNow that we have an understanding of how to release contractions and access greater range in the body, we begin to explore the mechanics of walking.
Week 6: BreathingVital to life, the gateway to improved emotional health, decreased levels of stress, improved focus and states of greater relaxation.
Course Dates:

Saturday, 10 April 2021 . 03:30 PM – 05:00 PM

Bring Your Own:
  • yoga mat
  • pillow/bolster
  • blanket
  • wear comfy clothes!

Studio Information

+61 458 593 331 , Unit 5/2 Warton Rd. Huntingdale Perth, WA Australia 6110