Sonia O’Dea



How did you get into yoga?

I wanted to develop better balance

How did you find Yoga Flourish?

Google search

What were your first impressions of Yoga Flourish when you came by?

Absolutely loved it! It has such a beautiful feeling of tranquillity

Could you please share your experience of what effect Yoga has had on your life, health of body and mind. How has Yoga made you feel?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that Yoga would do overly much for me. But, it has become such an important part of my lifestyle now that I can’t imagine not doing it regularly. I can’t always get to as many classes as I would like but I am always so glad when I do because it makes me feel incredible in so many ways!

Anything further you would like to share about an individual teacher or anything you think new student would like to know as they too can be quite nervous as they start heir journeys?

All of the teachers are incredible and have their own uniquely wonderful style of presenting. I love the strength I am beginning to build in Pilates and am looking forward to getting back into it when Alba returns. The variety of Yoga forms is great to choose from and I try to mix it up by doing as many styles as I can over the week. Don’t be nervous as a newcomer, within moments you will be like a member of the family ❤️