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TwoTags is an activewear brand based in Perth, Western Australia, founded by Max & Rachel in 2017.

TwoTags has grown from humble beginnings in a single bedroom, into one of the fastest growing and more rescodnised fitness brands in Australia.

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Patricia Slapp owner of local brand Bordoni Sport, linked up with Yoga Flourish and generously supported our teachers at the Flourish Yoga Festival in 2018.

It is a truly beautiful selection of long wearing fabrics, stunning styles and glorious colours that I count amongst my favourites in activewear.

We take pride in offering the wonderful range of Bordoni Sport activewear (launched in 2006) to you now through our Yoga Flourish shop.


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Lululemon is a well know global brand originating in Canada. Their purpose is to elevate the world by realizing the full potential within every one of us.

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